Welcome to the company web site of Martin Smith, electronic design engineer and technical director of Kerma Technology Ltd. Formed in late 1998, Kerma Technology Ltd. is a limited company under UK law specialising in radio frequency and analogue electronic design.

I am a chartered engineer in the IET with 30 years experience working in electronic circuit design. After graduating from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, I started my career working for EMI Electronics, Victoria Road, Feltham. This company designed and built the proximity fuzes for missiles and I worked on several well known types, SkyFlash, ALARM and Sea Dart. After leaving what had become Thorn EMI Electronics I worked for Lucas Aerospace in Witney. It was here that I bacame part of a world-record holding team, we designed and built the engine controller for the Rolls Royce RB211 engine that was fitted to Boeing 747-400 aircraft. The aircraft that was delivered to Qantas flew from London Heathrow to Sydney directly, the longest single flight achieved by any aircraft at that time. My contribution was the temperature measurement circuitry around the engine.

In 1991 I took a City & Guilds in amateur radio and passed with a double distinction. I used this introduction to radio frequency design to move from Lucas Aerospace to Lucas Automotive and started working on the vehicle security radio keyfobs and associated receivers. When I left Lucas Automotive, I worked on mobile 'phones and base stations that used the Nordic Mobile (NMT) 450 standard.

I took the decision to start my own consultancy when I left a mobile 'phone company, and since thatn have worked on GSM radio transceivers, radio controlled house alarms and automotive security and tyre pressure monitoring systems. Over the years I have worked as a consultant to numerous companies both large and small, providing RF and analogue design expertise. This has been performed at the customer's premises at home and abroad as well as from the small laboratory that I have built at home.

Please look at the projects page to see some examples of the work Kerma Technology has been involved in.

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